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raikou in emerald this is how you get him. you go to littleroot kill 100 pokemon then walk to lavaride town a person will be waiting then he will bring you where you got groudon he will stop .he値l ask to get raikou then when you see the lava go down you値l see stars . save.then go down. then a ladder will appear go down. you値l see raikou run away then you follow .their will be a protect use cut 3 times then save. then an earthQuate will happen. you be at mauville city.the gym leader will come outside. he値l say where is this thuner coming form? then he値l say to go where you got regirock. then you値l see raikou where regirock was then roukou will open a door. save. then go inside then raikou will fight you.make sure you have lots of timer balls. hint:get groudon and regirock !

suicune: this is how you get suicune you go to slateport city you go up and down seaside cycling road 103 times. then you fly to mossdeep city and you talk to the guy who gave super rod to you . he値l say to see steven at sootopolis city in cave of origin. steven will say i saw a rare pokemon pass by me. he値l tell you to go where you got kyogre . you値l see the water go down stairs will appear you go down then a ladder will appear go down you値l see suicune run away then you follow him you値l see a big waterfall.use rock smash 5 times it will disappeared . an big bunch of water brings you to paifidlog town glacia will come and say where is this heavey hail come form. she値l say to go to you got regiice . suicune will be where regiice was he値l make a door .go infrout of it then save. make sure you have lots of net balls.once you go inside.suicune will fight you. hint:get kyogre and regiicel.

unown:you need all regis.once you get latios or latias you go to fortree city. is cover by unowns. dad comes and say this are unown. i got to stop this at once. juan says only drake can stop this.he is at mavville city. you fly to mavville city. drake will say the unown are battleing then one come to you and cacth it. use ultra balls. it is at lvl 56.hint: use regis or latios or latias you will catch him.

get over 120 pokemon . to get bulbasaur,charmander,sQuirtle you have to get over 302 pokemon may will call you she値l or he値l will say to help prof.birch and prof. oak need some help getting some pokemon. then you fly to fortree city you値l see prof .birch being attack by an mighiyena.. prof.oak will say to help prof. birch.you follow where he went. he値l say to pick a pokemon as in bulbasaur ,charmander,or sQuirtile.they be at lvl 16 and the mighiyena will be at lvl 22 your pokemon you chose will grow lvl 17 and pokemon will evole.hint: make sure you have lots of hyper potion.

to get a pidgey: you have to beat the blend master 3 times! then he値l give you a bird ticket to go new bird island but frist need sandslash at lvl34 then you need machamp at lvl56 then you need a heracross at lvl46 then you need camerpurt at lvl59 then you need a regice at lvl69 then you will see may she値l say you have a ticket i値l upcrated it. then you fly to battle frontier you値l go in the boat you show the girl your ticket she値l bring you to new bird island. you値l see pidgey.save.it will be at lvl13.hint: you might need lots of great balls.

mewtwo:you need a swampert,feraligatr,blastoise all at lvl 100 you see willy he値l say that something happen at fallabour town so you fly to the place you値l see the city go down then you see mewtwo you値l need lots of untra balls but before you battle him you have to fly mossdeep city and go to shoal cave willy will be there waiting for you he値l say a rare pokemon go by me it took down my uncle plase help me . he値l give you a map to find him he値l give you two maps to chose from:mewtwo map or seacrtdoor map. you chose seacrtdoor map it will bring to a seacrt door go inside then save.hint:make sure you have those lvl100 because he is at lvl 89.

moltres:you go to rustboro city . steven is there trying to get away.but a flame of fire lands then you land at sootopolis city its landing fire willy is runing he says sootopolis city is going down ! it痴 moltres. so you surf to pacifidlog town but before you do that you get juan then you surf . then once you leave you it go down in the water once you get there you see moltres crush the pokemon center then you go infront of him then he flys to sky piller then go there wallace is going to follow you once you were rayQuaza was you will save then make sure someone a fire stone then wallace will say its up to you.then you battle moltres. make sure you have lots of timer balls

articuno:you have to get every pokemon evlove in hoenon. then make sure you don稚 have any rare pokemon expert for latias or latios. you have to beat the pokemon league 24 times. then on the 25th time and once you池e at the 3th person you値l see glacia on the flour she値l say that team aQua is trying to crocted the rare bird articuno plase help the bird. do you have the bird ticket once you go to new bird island articuno will be there a door will appear go inside you値l be out then go to new bird island you値l see articuno .save. make sure you have lots of dive balls. hint: make sure all your pokemon are between 77 -88.

entei: you have to get every fire pokemon in the hoeoen. then you go mt.chimmey you値l see team mammga trying to awaking the rare dog entei. then they try to caugh entei , entei runs away .maxile says to the rocket mossdeep city then mr.stone will give you 49 ember balls then you see lava every where in the city then team mammga say run we woke up the beast flannery the fire gym leader comes and says its entei we have to stop him come with me she will bring you to mt. chimmey she値l say that mt.chimmey is going to exploined i now whre he is come with me .you値l see a ladder at the dessert.save. you値l see entei he comes to you . use ember balls. he is at lvl66.hint:you need your poekmon at lvl79-90.

aerodactyl:you need a super 7 rock. it is easy to get you need to get over 245 pokemon then may will give you it. then you go to the place where you got the fossils then you値l see a rock get it then go to when the person made the fossil he値l say to get a new memory card.to get a new memory card you go to your dad . he値l give you it but you have beat him in a surfing rid . then once you got you go where got the fossil. then the man will say to caugh a ladybug then he値l give you aerodaactyl hint:don稚稚 have any rare pokemon

cubone:you need a hard stone and a super rod you get feebas. then make it evole . then you go to where you caght registeal then you will see a bone then you need to use a hard stone then you will see willy he値l say get thet pokemon. save. make sure you have lots of balls.hint:don稚 have any lvls 100

metel rare birds:go to the pokemon centder in lilycove city talk to the man on the seat he will tell you where metal moltres but you defeat the elites 10 times . then wally will be waiting for you where metal moltres is hidding .he値l say go to where steven is then he値l say he is hidding in a seacert passage but frist you have to trade rayQuaza then the pas sage will open. then you will see metal moltres .save. he will be at lvl 99. make sure you have ultra,poke,masterballs. once you caugh him a metal zapdos will appear.save then go to your mom she値l say where metal zapdos is. he is at victor road on the 1st floor.he is at lvl 95. use ultra, poke,timer,master balls then save. once you caght metal zapdos.metal articuno will give you a master ball then he値l battle you .use the master ball he gave you. make sure you don稚 have deoxys then go to the pc get the birds and fight the elite four.

seel:you need 57 glalie and 68 walrein and 5 regice and 24 milotic and 3 latios and 3 latias.then you go to the mossdeep city.then caugh a snorunt make it lvl 90 but don稚 make it elove.then caugh a absol then make it lvl89 then make grumpig at lvl73 then go to prof.birch he値l give you a ice shard then go to shoal cave. then keep running you will meet withg a seel.hint:don稚 have that much pokemon.

hitmonlee,hitmonchan,orhitmontop:get 89 golem,58 forretress 92 donphan, 34 slaking, 45 agggron,59 machamp . then go to team aQua hidout. then get the kick stone,chan stone or top stone. then once you got one team aQua boss says don稚 teach that. then battle him. his pokemon:golem lvl67,stellix lvl69 hitmonlee lvl70,hitmonchan lvl70,crobat lvl73 kabutops lvl71 then go to the fossils maker then if you have kick stone hitmonlee, if you have chan stone hitmonchan,if you have a top stone hitmontop.

onix:get 49 nosepass,67 sharpedo,47 camerrupt,86 flygons, 9 solrocks,18 armaldo,7 regirock. then go to a seacert cave called golden stone cave it is at littleroot town you will see it once you will see a stone,get it then use dig. you will be where you caght groudon you will see a onix. save.he is at lvl62 .make sure you have lots of ultra balls.

eevee:get 3 poochyena,60 ralts,80 wingull ,20 taillow,30 plusle and minun. go to steven talk to him.he値l say talk to wally.wally will say i値l give a eevee finder if you give him 2 ralts.then go to the safari zone use the eevee finder and you can get eevee he will be at lvl 40.use ultra balls someone will give you a fire,water, or thunder stone or a darkshard or moon stone.

smoochum:get 27 slitty make them evlove,31 miltank,36noctowl 9 horsea.then get 1000 battle points!then go to battle factory then get a kiss rock then fly to petalburg city then wally uncle will trade you a smoochum but maxile wants it so he battle you. his pokemon:dragonnite lvl71,tyranitar lvl77,murkrow lvl74, sharpedo lvl 78,tauros lvl73,typhlosion lvl 80. then once you beat him he runs away then wally痴 uncle give you smoochum.

larvitar:get 96 golem.then go to the pokemon contest.enter coolness beat the master rank 30 times . then go to mt.pyre you値l see wally he値l say i saw a new pokemon pass by me it was going to granitie cave. fly to dewford town then everbody will be there they値l say get that pokemon then it gos to deserts underpasses he will use double team you have to chose one save. then once you got the right one it will go to victor road when you get there it will battle you it is at lvl35.use ultra balls. then it will evlove when you get it but youneed 5 pokemon to make him evlove then he evloves at lvl45 to make it to its last form.

krabby:you need 4 water stones. then go to prof. birch he値l say may is waiting for you it will be a surprised. but defeat me frist! pokemon:charizard lvl 86,hypno lvl85,espeon lvl87,abosl lvl 90, azumarill lvl88,blaziken lvl91.then he値l ask to get over 245 pokemon then once you got over it may will be at mossdeep city maxile will be trying to get may because they want a pokemon from her. then maxile battles you.pokemon:aggron lvl78,crobat lvl80,mightyena lvl81, murkrow lvl79,baby groudon lvl 23,shelgon lvl57. then once you beat him may will give krabby.

togepi:get 50 salamence,46 crobat,then get over 216 pokemon then prof. birch will give you a togepi but team aQua boss is trying to get it but then you have battle two aQua guys.1st :golbat lvl 56, lairon lvl 57,saeleo lvl57.2nd :walrein lvl61,snowrunt lvl59, glalie lvl60,lapras lvl62.then aQua boss wants to battle you pokemon:delibird lvl 70,dewgong lvl 78,walrein lvl 80, lapras lvl 82,then once you beat him prof.birch will give you togepi

syther:79 alakazam,70 lanturn,then may whats to battle you pokemon : drargonite lvl90,espeon lvl92,medichamlvl93,wailord lvl91,zangoose lvl94, armaldo lvl95 . then aQua boss wants to battle you pokemon :delibird lvl 76, dewgong lvl84,walrein lvl86,lapres lvl 88,crawdaunt lvl 90,sharpedo lvl89. then maxile wants to battle you,pokemon:aggron lvl84,mightyena lvl87, crobat lvl86,murkrow lvl85,baby groudon lvl 72.shslgon lvl81 . then you have to battle wally!pokemon:pidgeot lvl77,onix lvl73, gardevoir lvl80, loudred lvl75,grumpig lvl74,claydol lvl72. then you battle dad.pokemon:sandslash lvl56,kangaskhan lvl57 ,kabutops lvl58,slaking lvl61,slaking lvl60,delcatty lvl59. then prof.birch will give you a syther.hint: youneed all your pokemon at lvl100. if you don稚 you might die.

to catch the 3 regis in sappire u need dig pokemon ,dive pokemon, first, you need to catch a relicanth(its found underwater, near the 8th gym). and a wailord (evolve it from wailmer). relicanth needs to be in first pokemon slot, wailord needs to be last -- - try 2nd too if doenst work i cant remember)

go to pacifictown - go west - travel near bottem southern currents, its around 3 set land groups. a little ways in u will see a sandbar its light blue water , walk to the top of it before u surf west. then theres a small area with 4 rocks ,a small blue area in middle to dive in, read braille at door, dive up into cave into this chamber, use dig at middle braille, this causes a earthquake, ands says three doors have been open exit chamber and go get the 3 new pokemon/

registeel cave , south on route 120 bottom left, in cave surrounded by 6 rocks, ands says three doors have been open opened go in, go to back,click on braille , stand in middle of chamber and use fly

regice cave - route 105 on small island cave surrounded by 6 rocks, go in, go to baille at back , press "a" button braille shows up, wait 5 minutes - doors open

regirock - desert route 111, cave surrounded by 6 rocks, go to the middle of the braille slate - press "a", weird braile shows, press strength, press "b", then . move to the right twice, and down twice, use strength press "b"and a door leading to regi-rock will appear.- i may have repeated the strength step and pressing b- i couldn't remember if was before or after walking.

i liked putting the regis to sleep when they are low red and use ultra balls

** u will probably bump into latios when u are surfing, i bumped into latios twice there, so if u want to catch latios first - put golbat in 1st slot, (golbat 48+ easily caught in sky pillar) and use mean look so latios cant fled - then use only golbats confusion attack to make latios weak- - then use relicath yawn to put asleep, then use ultraballs. u need a few hyperpotions to keep golbat alive

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