Egyptians told greeks about earth getting rocked at repeated predictable long intervals. Cayce claim Atlantis last hit was around 9500bc and science confirms earth rocked then. 1 illusion precession backward orbit cycle round our visible zodiacs in Milky Way ) takes 25,920 years. denderah zodiac decans - gt2, gt37 shows 2 serpents -spirits coming out and pointing to galazy north pole towards its center it looks like the wing disk the egyptians called the phoenix which return every 1461 years - coming back from the ashes.

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Atlantis outposts in europe 11,500 years old?

Gobekli Tepe in South-east Turkey is the oldest temple in the world with area size of 3 tennis courts and is about 11,500 years old, Catal Huyuk also in turkey is oldest city in the world, 9000 years old and they had cosmic knowledge, good urban planning and lived in peace.

Aeneas is believed to have crossed from Albania to Italian peninsula to land first in the little town of Castro in the province of Lecce. According to Virgil's epic, Aeneas fled Troy as the Greeks destroyed it and made his laborious way westwards finally to found a "new Troy", the imperial city of Rome. Aeneas was relative of founders of rome Romulus and Remus who founded rome 753bc. myth is one night Mars, the god of war, came to Rhea in the temple of Vesta and she bore him two twin boys of remarkable size and beauty, later named Romulus and Remus. Rome was founded troy descendenants but there were pre-roman cultures before them. Some of the pre-roman cultures in italy like Etruscans , Sabines and Samnites . Also some claim the etruscans also came from southern turkey at a earlier time and most likely near the flaming rocks which is area where chimaera myth started.

early myths in these pre-roman italians claim that even before turkey they were in italy. and indeed in italy they have found bones of a primitive man that goes back over 700,000 years (La pineta in Molise). also nearby at edge of Roccamonfina volcano are six trails 385,000 years old of primitive members of the human family to be the among the oldest known locally as the "Devil's Trails" or "Ciampate del Diavolo" that chased From Heaven, crashed on Earth, at Forest and Tora Piccilli. they felt it was supernatural thus the name Many anthropologists believe H. heidelbergensis evolved into Neanderthals in Europe, but into modern humans, H. sapiens, in Africa. However, there is no consensus about the migration patterns of our primitive ancestors.

In the steps of Lucy The Italian fossils are much younger than the oldest known hominid footprints - those near Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania are more than 3.7 million years old. They were probably made by two individuals of the distant ancestral species Australopithecus afarensis, of which the famous fossil skeleton Lucy was a member.

However, the devils' trails may be the earliest known footprints of a Homo species, which some consider to be the first true humans. Italy was part of a great body of land called by geologists Tyrrhenses, which is now covered by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which was united to Africa (hmm atlantis). In ancient times Italy had other names like Saturnia, in honour of Saturn; Aenotria- meaning wine-producing land; Ausonia meaning land of the Ausonians; Hesperia meaning land to the west (of Greece); Tyrrhenia, etc. infact lastest theories believe man delevelop from wave interactions between north and south, and seeing how italy was attached to africa its no surprise that northern egypt was a key area

Pompeii died in 79ad by volcano Vesuvius but most dont know that Samnites founded pompeii city in Third Century BC as told by pompeii heritage Superintendent Piero Guzzo.

recent news a confirms with dna that matches families in southern turkey with those italians. Etruscans were in the ancient Lydian region in Anatolia.
science proves disaster of hugest scale happen near the 9500bc pieces to puzzle are seeming to point to culture prior to egypt

atlantis myth now seem to be no longer a myth.

dec 21 2012 6.48am - dawn of aquarius -

i wonder if ancient Egypt Prophecy - is related to Two Withness of Revelations and to Hopi Propehecy. flaws in todays society and mindset is very disturbing and lack of attention to them in the last 30 years really makes me wonder especially when we know we can design systems better and there is no denying the truth. Pollution soaring in last 35 years, lack of moral values especially in governments, and corruption in governments is sickening. governments and companies playing around with mass and changing our natural clockwork and thus affecting all other clockworks in universe, population boom in last 35 years - some countries have been so il-responible, nuclear waste and bombs,lack of plans for diaster or needs of future generations or environment for them to lead healthy lifes. lack of them re-design systems to best suit man-kind future needs and not just to line their pockets and them forgeting about their responibility to mankind.

i still cant believe they trying to store nuclear waste - when they know the ways of the world and history - its bound to leak out with future diasters - and when the future diaster is coming there are no plans to move this stuff (nuclear waste ,bombs) to a safer location.

in early 1970's i was taught having 2 kids per family is responible way (zero-growth), anything more adds to the problem population boom, but in some countries they just dont care and its sad for the rest of the world because pollution is cutting our life span and for those with weak hearts or lungs - many deaths are related to it. The growth in the population boom in last 30 years is so il-responible by some countries - causing more problems with demand and resources, and thus causing more pollution thus causing more deaths and shorter life spans - it truely is a crimnal act.

once again in 70's u of t teachers seemed to agree with global warming and it became of favorite topic of mine in the 70's, but it sad to see the states deny the evidence until couple years back when al gore started making the states focus on it - in a way we were lucky they were hit first with some diasters because they have been denying the evidence for so long.

but knowing our cycle - theres no escaping global warming - infact later we will experience global cooling as well. but pollution and clean water and resources should be our main focus as well as to force governments to force a policy for the population boom, maybe heavy taxation on those over 2, plus safety measures for diasters. its clear governments true role should be the survival of mankind, thats why i truely believe bases on moon and mars should be put a goal in the event of a global diaster.

as far as this 2012 predictions of diaster happening, i dont think thats in the cards, but it may tie in with revelations - the two witnesses to rise.

the events of sept 2001 (911) and a few other events send me on a quest and have brought me closer to god. i have found some answers during this 3 day period which some describe as a "awakening - Kundalini" - and it was clear what the pyramids at giza respresented. my mother claims its beautifull on the other side - and that her and dad are doing gods work there.

apex stone - a ben ben stone- missing eye - could it be the rejected cornerstone in revelations?

prelimary version of the great seal of usa by charles thomson,
note - chevron design - rebirth symbolism -
eagle looks to olives branch in peace, war time looks to arrows,
in mouth eagle - e pluribus unum - rebirth symbolism - ibus-isbis ancient egypt - thoth

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Larry Hunter

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Edgar Cayce A.R.E. - Hall of Records part 3
The unreachable Star

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